Most people have a spring in their step and put their best foot forward when they are in a new relationship (work or otherwise) but they stumble and loose their footing trying to maintain relationships over the long term. Realty soon sets in and one starts realising that the honeymoon phase is officially over.
The truth is, all relationships take work, even the great ones that seems effortless. We have all heard this, but do we really get it?

Working on a relationship takes time, effort, and know how. “The know how” is emotional intelligence. If you want a relationship that has staying power and grows over time, and in which your needs and the other persons needs are satisfied the final EQ skill – relationship management – is just what the doctor ordered.
Thankfully, these relationships management skills can be learnt, and they tap into the three other EQ skills that you are familiar with – Self awareness, Self Management, and Social awareness.

You use your self awareness skills to notice your feelings and judge if your needs are being satisfied. You use your self management skills to express your feelings and act accordingly to benefit the connection. Finally, you use your social awareness skills to better understand the other persons needs and feelings.

In the end no man is an island; relationships are an essential and fulfilling part of life. Since you are half of any relationship, you have half of the responsibility of deepening these connections. the Following seventeen strategies will help you work on what is critical to making relationships work

  1. Be open and be curious
  2. Enhance your natural communication style
  3. Avoid giving mixed signals
  4. remember the little things that pack a punch.
  5. Take feedback well
  6. Build trust
  7. Have an open door policy
  8. Only get mad on purpose
  9. Don’t avoid the inevitable
  10. Acknowledge the other persons feeling
  11. Compliment the person’s emotions or situation
  12. When you care – show it.
  13. Explain your decisions, don’t just make them
  14. Make your feedback direct and constructive
  15. Align your intention with your impact
  16. Offer a fix it statement during a broken conversation
  17. Tackle a tough conversation

The relationship works both ways, so be aware of each other’s feelings and act accordingly.

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