Humility is the one virtue that pleases the Lord the most. It is easy to bow before the wise and exalted. Can you bow before the most ordinary and low? Ego creates the labels of high and low, confines one into shallow perception, depriving you from seeing the same Divine residing in all. Humility transmutes […]

Health of our body mind is of paramount importance. Only a disciplined life of self-love and mindfulness can make sure we eat right, sleep right, and work as worship. Let the day begin with positive affirmations and end with peace and fulfilment of progressing towards life’s only goal, God realization! Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari Related posts: No […]

Never hesitate to express your gratitude to God or anyone who helped you in need. Don’t forget if anyone expresses gratitude to you for what little you did to the person you feel happy; so also when you take every possible opportunity to say thank you, it only brings good karma, better relationships and grace […]

Don’t always do the same thing the same way. Let every action become a tool for transformation. The more you are externalized, the more you lose touch with core reality of “live life inside out”. Life is invaluable; wake up. Every moment is precious. Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari     Related posts: No related posts.