The body has great wisdom – allow it. Allow it more and more to follow its own wisdom. And wherever you have time, just relax. Let your breathing go on on its own. Do not interfere. Our habit to interfere has become so ingrained that you cannot even breathe without interference. If you watch your breathing, you will immediately see you have started to interfere. You begin takin deep breathes, or you start exhaling more. There is no need to interfere at all. Just let your breathe be as it is; your body knows exactly what it needs. If it needs more oxygen it will breathe more; if needs less oxygen it will breathe less. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Just leave it all to your body! Become absolutely non interfering. And whenever you feel any tension anywhere relax that part. And slowly slowly ….. first begin while you are sitting resting and then while you are doing things. When you are cleaning the floor or working in the kitchen or in the office, keep that relaxedness. Action need not be an interference in your relaxed state. And then there is a beauty , a great beauty, to your activity. Your activity will have the flavour or meditativeness.
But people go on making unnecessary efforts. Sometimes their efforts are their barriers; their efforts are the problems that they are creating. Just observe ….there are things where if you push, you will miss. Don’t the push the river at all, and don’t try to go upstream. The river is flowing towards the ocean of its own accord – just be part of it, be part of its journey. It will take you to the ultimate.
If we relax, we will know; if we don’t relax, we wil not know. Relaxation becomes the door to that great knowing – enlightenment.