What is confidence? It is your belief in yourself to do or not to do something. Suppose you think you can climb a mountain you climb it or not that is different but your belief that you can climb the mountain is your confidence.
Confidence builds the Self-esteem. You feel happy about few things that you think you can do, you feel sad about a few things that you think you cannot do, and you may be indifferent for things you think you are uncertain of doing or not doing them. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
So it is important to feel positive about your abilities because a negative feeling can set in a low esteem.
Often we get surrounded with extremely difficult task or situations in life. It is our confidence in our ability, which actually helps us to come out of it. I read a story about Yusra Mardini the Swimmer in the Rio Olympics a few days ago.
Yusra Mardini while growing up in Damascus was trained in swimming with the support of the Syrian Olympic Committee. She represented Syria in few competitions.
But as life could be Mardini’s house was destroyed in the Syrian Civil War. Mardini and her sister Sarah decided to flee Syria in August 2015. They reached Lebanon, and then Turkey, where they arranged to be smuggled into Greece by boat with 18 other migrants, though the boat was meant to be used by no more than six or seven people. After the motor stopped working and the dinghy began to take on water in the Aegean Sea, Mardini along with her sister got into the waters along with two other people but soon rest of the people including her sister gave up and stopped pushing the boat, it was for over 3 hours that Mardini alone pushed the boat to reach the coast of Lesbos. They then traveled through Europe to Germany, where they settled in Berlin in September 2015. Her parents also fled Syria and live in Germany.
Mardini’s confidence and positive self esteem in her abilities lead her to participate in Rio Olympics as refugee participant while living in a refugee camp in Germany. She won the 100 mts heat in Rio.
If she did not had positive self-esteem and confidence in her ability she would not have become the savior of the boat in the middle of the sea. She will always live guilt free life because she knows she can live with confidence. To be mindful of your abilities and deliver the best in the moment is the key.