By hope, please don’t take it to mean that he will start thinking, ” Tomorrow I will be a getting such an such a thing, and day after I will get this or that. ” No, this kind of hope is nothing but a form of desiring. We have dealt with that and left it a long way back. The seeker has discarded it long ago.
Hope means that now, where ever he is in life, the seeker sees a ray of hope. If the night is very dark, he sees that the dawning of the day is closed. If the skies are full of black clouds he says, ” How wonderful the flash of lightening will be!” If suffering comes to him he says, “Let us wait a  little; happiness must be just around the corner. ” NO matter how much he is suffering, he manages to find a silver lining in it, And no matter how much you harass him he will be able to learn something from it. No matter what happens in his life, life cannot disappoint him. He finds a ray of hope in every situation. He will discover that clear point in everywhere and in every thing. It is present every where. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
A pessimist will find a darkness everywhere. No matter what you do, if you ask a pessimist he will way that the world is very bad place: between two dark nights there exists but one small day. But a hopeful person will declare that this world is a wonderful place: to bright and sunny days surround a short night. There are an equal number of days and nights; it all depends on how you look at things.