Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Professor Stephen William Hawking was born on 8th January 1942 (exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo) in Oxford, England. And he left his body on 14th March, the birthday of Einstein. It is indeed a mystical happening that makes him as important a scientist as Galileo and Einstein. I would like to add one more dimension to it, which is spiritual: He was the Ashtavakra of the world of Cosmic Science who transcended his deformed body and its limitations. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Since 1963, when he was diagnosed with ALS, a form of Motor Neuron Disease, shortly after his 21st birthday. In spite of being wheelchair-bound and dependent on a computerized voice system for communication he continues to combine family life (he had three children and three grandchildren) with his research into theoretical physics, in addition to an extensive program of travel and public lectures. His deformed body with all its unbearable hardships could not force him to feel depressed, or renounce everything or commit suicide. He changed his gestalt towards life and started dwelling in the world of spirit and consciousness, beyond the boundaries of body and mind. Through some unknown cosmic transmission, he must have got access to the words of sage Ashtavakra: You are really unbound and action-less, self-illuminating and spotless already. The cause of your bondage is that you are still resorting to stilling the mind. You are unconditioned and changeless, formless and immovable, unfathomable awareness, imperturbable-such consciousness is un-clinging. You are not bound by anything. What does a pure person like you need to renounce? Putting the complex organism to rest, you can go to your rest.
Prof. Hawking came to India in 2001 for a public talk at TIFR. Shri Sandip Trivedi, the director of TIFR remembers: A massive crowd had gathered, and he started by telling the audience ‘You must be wondering how I think about myself’, and then proceeded to say that he thought of himself as a scientist with some qualities or traits that are peculiar to them, to any other scientist’. This was his way of conveying that he had indeed overcome all the odds, even in his mind. There was immediate response from the crowd in the form of a thunderous applause.”
“He had this amazing ability to connect to people. He was a great communicator. And of course, the subjects he used to deal with, black holes, outer universe, are very fascinating topics. People loved listening to him.”
Prof. Hawking did not believe in God, but there was something divine in him as it is said about Gautama the Buddha.  Remember H. G Wells saying that Gautam Buddha is the most godless and the most godlike man of human history. He is so positively one with godliness. Prof. Hawking heralds a new ways of scientific thinking—something beyond thought. New ground breaking insights. It is being acknowledged now that Science Fiction also owes a great deal to his theories in astrophysics and cosmology and of everything from black holes to relativity. And when he passed away, players in the EVE Online community decided to recognize his contributions to science in their own way by covering the night sky in beacons.
It is reported that these cynosural beacons, these modules emit a bright, radiant light and are used to open jump bridges that ships can use as a warp destination. On a normal day, seeing a cynosural beacon flare up is reason to panic—it often signals the cavalry has arrived to obliterate you. But on March 14 and 15, the beacons were appearing all across space as tribute to Hawking and his achievements.
Prof. Hawking had a prophetic intelligence, almost spiritual, and has warned against the dangers of science and technology. He said that technology needs to be controlled in order to prevent it from destroying the human race. He has also spoken out about the dangers of artificial intelligence. In a Reddit AMA back in 2015, he said that Artificial Intelligence would grow so powerful it would be capable of killing us entirely unintentionally. In one of his interviews to the Independent UK newspaper, he had suggested that we need to establish away of identifying threats quickly, before they have a chance to escalate. Before that happens, we need to have some form of world government. “All this may sound a bit doom-laden but I am an optimist. I think the human race will rise to meet these challenges.”
Talking on the relationship between mind and the computer, the modern sage Osho suggests to accept these challenges: The computer is also part of man’s creativity. There is no need to become a competitor; you are the master. And for the first time the computer and you are separate. That’s what all the teachings of the mystics have been telling you, that your mind and you are separate. But it is difficult because the mind is inside your head and your consciousness is so close to it, so thousands of mystics have been teaching, but nobody listens. The distance is not very much. But with computers, the distance will be very clear; there will be no need for any mystic to tell you.
Osho adds: For example, the computer can change all the stupidity that man has shown through the whole of history. I don’t think that computers will like to create war, or computers will exploit people, or computers will discriminate between black and white, between man and woman.
Moreover, you are always the master, not the computer. You can always change the program of the computer. The computer is simply a tremendous instrument, which gives you immense possibilities that are not available to you biologically. You can do things which man has never dreamt of. The computer can be a thousand times more superior than Albert Einstein. Naturally the computer can produce a science far more fundamental, far more real, not changing every day because new discoveries go on happening and the old discovery becomes out of date. The computer can reach the very center of reality.