Do It Yourself Happiness Tips - Happy HO

Most of the times we plan big programmes to reduce our stress and become happier. Many-a-times they just remain plans. Even if we do attend those workshops or go through a course, the effect is minimal if we do not make ‘happiness’ a part of our lives. The psychologists advice a number of do-it-yourself activities that work as stress busters and happiness enhancers.

  • These activities lead to: relaxing and enjoying some ‘me’ time, improving our ability to manage upheavals, reducing stress in our lives and making us more energetic and optimistic about the future.
  • A few DIY activities advised are as follows:
  • Start your day with deep breathing exercises and by looking forward to a cheerful day. If you look at the day ahead with disgust as soon as you get up, your brain would get a negative message and it would keep picking reasons to be unhappy.
  • Eat yourself happy! Whether you cook yourself, get your food cooked or eat out make sure that you enjoy what you eat. Eat healthy, well cooked food. Even if you are on a diet or have been advised a diet by the doctor, think of its positive impact, instead of cursing what you are eating.
  • Detox regularly. One day in a week is the best way to do it. Stick to juices, fruit, green tea and salads this day. (Of course combination would change if there are any health issues).
  • Unclutter – remove unwanted things, activities and people from your life. In case you find it difficult to do – make a list over seven days, revisit, add & delete and then do it. It may be one at a time or all together – your choice.
  • Follow creative pursuits – some of the highly recommended activities are pottery (clay art), flower arrangement and knitting. These activities are said to be flow activities that help our emotional side.
  • Dance. Exercise. Move your body – get into a physical activity. It stimulates your mind. However, choose something that suits your level of mobility and fitness.
  • Be aware of impact different things have on you. Enjoy every moment and learn to keep away from negative environment.
  • Keep that coffee date with your friends. It is a rejuvenating and liberating experience. Also a perfect opportunity to vent out your feelings!
  • Learn something new – music, art, cooking, baking, fixing furniture, fixing drinks. Anything that you have wanted to learn for the longest time.
  • Give yourself some Sun. Work in natural light; take a walk/stroll in early morning sunlight. Keep the windows open.
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