India is celebrating Hindu’s most reverential festival of Navratras. A festival dedicated to nine forms of Durga. Durga symbolises the Nari Shakti or so to say the power of woman.
Hindu religion celebrates the female energy with much reverence.  Hindu is the only religion in the world in which a woman is a Goddess. Blessed equally as man. Why a woman is considered as Goddess?  Woman has the ability to create and deliver life. Existence has chosen her to be its medium. Therefore Hindus consider the nature as feminine. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
For any creation you need to be impregnated with possibility and for its delivery you need a womb. The whole existence is thriving on this maxim. We see continual work of male and female energy to create new. Durga is in all its forms has performed role of Creator, Protector and Destroyer. Whenever the world has tilted to male dominance,  the female energy has worked to balance it out.  We see many natural calamities coming to balance and protect the world.  Male energy alone is aggressive and violent and hence it can only create war,
Countries, Societies, Communities who have abused women and disrespected the femininity are deprived of happiness. In all its fragility and tenderness women are emotionally stronger than men. Therefore those men who respect women and respect femininity are surrounded with  divinity.
Families who are blessed with more female energy are more happier than who have lesser of it. A woman can be a caring wife, loving daughter and a helping friend. Those countries, societies  and communities where there are more empowered women, are growing, both materially and spiritually.
The female energy grows in you and work within you in subtle manner. I met with a life threatening road accident just a few hours after my wife gave birth to our first daughter. I always feel that she was the Durga as protector of the family. and when our second daughter was born, I was far away from my wife for work and when i got the news I was closing on something which brought enough wealth to the family, so I have reason to believe that she is our Durga (Goddess) of wealth in our family.  I being the only male in the family I have seen the female energy balancing the growth in our family. To raise the two daughters is an enormous experience, Growing daughters are like a river,  flowing freely and making their way. If you see life closely, it is just the same. When I saw them playing, arguing, debating, and teasing each other I realised the enormity of playfulness in the female energy. Their blossoming from as little girls to an educated ladies and switching roles with ease between work and family is just like all the roles of Durga weaved in one. This experience of being father of two daughters is also spritually enriching. Their femininity has been fulfilling to make me a compassionate father and a loving person while unfolding my creativity.
So it is difficult to Imagine a world without a female energy. It would be a world without creation and expansion. the world will be a pond of a stale water. No freshness and no happiness. the world will not be a place to live. In fact there will be no world. Hindus in India have therefore worshipped woman. During these nine days they worship the young girls symbolising the power of woman as creator, protector and destroyer. The woman is God in its purest form and her femininity is godliness.