Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Leo Tolstoy wrote, “All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” It is such a statement that many thinkers and philosopher would appreciate it and agree with it. But Osho, being a mystic, differs with it fully. He says: I would rather change the whole statement to the contrary: All unhappy families resemble one another, but  And the same is true about individuals: All unhappy individuals resemble each other; only happy individuals have a uniqueness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
If you observe this, you will find all the miserable people have more or less similar qualities. They will be grumpy, complaining all the time, any small thing would irritate them, and even a smile from someone will make them suspicious and worried. They may have a big ego, but a very low esteem of themselves. Such people would find thousands of reasons to be unhappy with life. They themselves live in misery and continue sharing their misery with everyone they relate to. This is how the whole world is engulfed in misery.
This misery is causing large-scale depression around the world. The psychologists, the thinkers, and philosophers are discussing and selling the ways to be happy because of this epidemic of unhappiness. Otherwise, what is the need, people can be happy naturally. Most of them have all the comforts of the world they can think of and still, they are unhappy. It has been the case since eternity–it is an old conditioning, the human mind has been stuck with it forever. Guru Nanak Dev ji also had the same observation when he said: Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar. There is something unique in being happy in this world created and perpetuated by the miserable people.
Osho says: Happiness, growing towards blissfulness, makes you unique in a world which is full of misery. He adds: Just this morning I quoted Walt Whitman, and he says, “I am the celebration, I am the song.” It is one of his most beautiful poems, in which he sings the song of himself: “There is no reason. It is my nature to be a celebration, to be a song, to be a festival.” It is just healthy. It is just to be yourself. While Walt Whitman was alive he was very much condemned, just because he was so happy for no reason at all — just because he could dance alone, sing, not for anybody else but just for himself, or just as if he was the song, he was the celebration itself.
Osho concludes: Intelligence is a celebration. It is a festival of lights and it is a long series, a chain of songs, joys, festivities. It is only the unintelligent who remain sad and do nothing to remove it. It is the unintelligent who accept sadness, misery, suffering, behind beautiful names: fate, kismet, luck — all these words are nonsense. But these words help people to remain miserable. The man of awareness gets out of all that is unnatural and certainly finds sources of juice within himself. The mystics of the East have even defined God as Raso Vai Sah; “He is just juice.”