Try to understand life, don’t force, and remain  always free from the past, because if the past is there and you are controlling, you cannot understand life. Life is so fleeting, it does not wait.
But why do people try to make rules? why do they fall into the trap at all? They fall into the trap because a life of understanding is a life of danger. You have to rely upon your self. The life of control is comfortable and secure, you need not rely on your self : Moses will do , the bible will do, the Quran will do, the geeta will do – you need not bother about the problems, you can escape from them. You take shelter in old words, disciplines, thoughts, you cling to them. This is how you can make a comfortable life, a life of convenience- but a life of convenience is not a life of bliss. Then you miss joy because joy is possible only when you live dangerously. There is no other way to live. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Live dangerously, and when I say “live dangerously”, I mean live according to your own self, whatever the cost. whatever is at stake, live according to your own consciousness, according to your own heart and feelings. If all security is lost, all comfort and convenience is lost, then, too, you will be happy. You may be a beggar, you may not be a king, you may be a on the streets in rags, but no emperor can compete with you. Even Emperors will feel jealous of you because you will have richness, not of things, but a richness of consciousness. You will have a subtle light around you and you will have a feeling of blissfulness. Even others can touch that feeling. It is so visible,  so substantial, others will be affected by it, it will become a magnet. You may outwardly be a beggar, but inwardly you have become a king.