You constantly say we should all become one with God, with the supreme being, with truth. Where is that truth, where is that supreme being, where  is that God and what is it like? 
What is it which is called God? We need to try and understand  that too, because the revolution that must come into the life of a man cannot be deep if there is no presence of God in it. If the revolution is to be deep and is to go to the very roots, it is essential that the hand, the presence, of God is there. There have already been revolutions devoid of God; in fact what I call revolutions born of anger are revolutions devoid of God. And what I call a revolutions born of compassion is the revolution that comes with an acceptance of presence of God in it. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
There have been revolutions in which we have not accepted the presence of God; instead, very often the revolutionary denies the existence of God. He looks on God as a hindrance to the revolution. He tries to tear down God too. He even becomes angry with God, feeling , “There is so much poverty in the world, so where is your God? what God are you talking about? If there is so much pain and suffering in the world, God cannot exist.” He has tried to erase God.
But pain and suffering and poverty are not there because of God, they are there because of us. And the grace of God is so vast that the has left us free in every way. He has even left us free to go astray; he has left us free to sin. There is no other meaning of freedom. If God were to give us all written slip before we are born saying, “You have the freedom to do good deeds, but you are not free to commit any evil. You have the freedom to love, love as much as you wish, but you do not have the freedom to hate,” will that freedom be freedom? If we are told you have the freedom to become a saint, so become one, but you don’t have the freedom to become a sinner,” that takes away the freedom to become a saint as well. The freedom to be a saint can exist only in combination with the freedom to be a sinner; it cannot be otherwise. If we are told that we have the freedom to wake up, but not to go to sleep, then the freedom to wake up is immediately lost because it is coupled with the freedom to see. They cannot be separated. Man has the freedom to do good because the freedom for doing bad is also available to him. And God has made man so free that he has not even made himself present in front of us, this too is a way of giving us freedom.