The human mind tends to convert every experience into a question. That is a very destructive step. Please avoid it. Here near me the whole purpose is to know that which is not knowable, to know that which is not expressible, to know that which cannot be put  into words. When it starts happening don’t make a problem out of it. Don’t create a question out of it, because your very questioning will beocme a stopping. Then your mind will have started something else. Then you are distracted. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
When it starts happening enjoy it, love it, be nourished by it, savour it, dance it, sing it, but dont make a question about it. Just be it. And allow it total space. It will grow. If needs space in you to grow.
And in that very growth by and by understanding will come. Understanding is not going to come through analysis, through thinking, through brooding, through logic. Understanding is going to come by deeper and deeper experience.
unYou say something has happened to you which is inexpressible. Let it be so. Be happy. You are blessed. When something inexpressible starts happening then you are on the right track, you are moving towards godliness the ultimate mystery. Whenever you have something within you which you cannot understand that simply shows something bigger than you have entered in you – otherwise you could have understood it, you could have figured it out. Something bigger than the mind has penetrated you, a ray of light in the dark soul, a ray light in the dark night of the mind. The mind cannot comprehend it; it is beyond its understanding. But not beyond understanding, remember. Beyond the understanding that is possible for the mind, but not beyond understanding  – because  there is understanding which is not of the mind. The understanding of the total organ of our total being , of your totality.
But that come not by analysis, not by dissection; it comes by absorbing the experience. Eat it! That which is inexpressible has to be eaten by you. Jesus says to his disciples,”Eat ME” . That is what he means ; eat the inexpressible, eat the unknown. Digest it, let it circulate into your blood. Let it become part of you. And then you will know. And the knowing will arise as suddenly as the experience has arisen. Now a ray has entered in you. Allow it to become part of you only then will you understand it.