Taking Risk in life is a huge personal quality. Many of my clients tell me that they cannot sleep in a dark room. It indicates that they are fearful of the unknown; something that is not visible builds stress. They need constant reassurance that everything in life is secure. That they are in an unchallenged comfort zone. This clinging to is known as clinging to a corpse.
A man of understanding dies every moment to the past and is reborn again into the future. His present is always a transformation, a birth, and a resurrection. It is not a question of clarity, of being clear about what is what. What ever we know; the information, knowledge and experience that we accumulate are finished the moment we have explored it. Carrying those empty words and dead load is crushing our lives, burdening us and preventing us from entering into a living rejoicing being- which is awaiting us each moment at all times.
Take the risk and break your comfort zone, the proverbial glass ceiling, drop your securities and jump into the unknown. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Often I am told that we lack courage to take a plunge. Now who can give you the courage? It is not something that can be presented by someone as a gift to you. It is something we are born with; we just have not allowed it to grow within us. We have not allowed it to assert itself because the whole society is against it.
Society needs sheep not lions. It is easy to enslave sheep. Society wants people to be exploited. Society as has no soul, it is robotic. They order and we obey. Society is not a free individual either. Therefore courage will arise from within.
Go within and look for it. There is no gain without pain and there is no profit without risk. Therefore Risk and Pain are the two friends of courageous and Happy Ho people.
Meditations, Tai chi, Tibetan Pulsing can help you to go within and explore your courageous self.