All life has become seated in the head and has shrunken away from every other part. Man is living just in his head; hence being upside down is inevitable. No matter how he lands, it will always be upside down. In fact, he  just is upside down; there is no question of falling or not falling. The head is heavy and everything else is light.
So, the second point that I want to explain to you is that life should be distributed throughout the whole body; it should be equally distributed in all parts of the body. Life is not merely in the head, but we do all our work using just the head.  Even if we love, we do it after thinking. Before we move into Love, we find out whether the person is a hindu and not a Mohammedan….. Now, in the world of the heart, there is no hindu or Mohammedan. When we move into love, we first find out whether the person has any money or not. Now, the heart has no relationship with money. But the head wants to keep an account of the money; it wants to find out for sure what the person’s financial status is. Whether the person is a Hindu or a Mohammedan, what the person is and what the person is not, should all be known first! Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
They have developed computers in America where, if a boy and a girl want to get married, they feed all the information about themselves into the computer and it will tell them whether they should fall in love or not; whether they should get married or not. The computer will calculate in detail whether it would be right or wrong. It is the ultimate flight of the intellect that to love or not will be decided by a machine! the computer will say whether or not there would be harmony between the couple, whether the match would be good.
We cannot even fall in love without thinking.  This is the limit! Love has no relationship to thought. The reality is that we have withdrawn life from many parts of the body and made it centered in the head. so our heads have become heavy and go on becoming heavier and heavier each day.