You want to break free but cannot because you cannot or you would not?  You need to decide, how you want to live your life – Chained or Free! Obviously, everyone wants to be free like birds, but is this a possibility? Rarely!

“Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.”

Indeed, as humans, we are born free, with some exceptional powers and faculties. We want to live freely but it does not happen that way as we are dependent on our parents for our upbringing. We are bound by certain rules and regulations in the family. When we start going to school, we follow rules set by school/college which are followed by rules set by the workplace and broadly society. So where is the freedom to live the way, we want to? If you have adjusted in the system, good, but if you have not, and want to break free to live your life the way you want to. Then you need to work around it. There is no such thing in this world as “freedom.”

“Freedom lies in being bold.”

 There are two ways to run a nation – Democracy or Dictatorship. Do you know the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship? The fact that dictatorship gives only one choice, whereas democracy presents several options to make it seem like you have a choice. But if you choose one of the two presidents, you still get the same crap. So, where is the freedom? It is in your head or to some extent in your practices.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

 Wherever you are…the essence remains that you cannot choose everything. Yes, you CAN’T NOT CHOOSE EVERYTHING. That means that no matter how you run away from ideologies, the debris of ideologies will still cling to your feet, making it hard for you to walk. It will be hard because so far you are walking with your eyes closed. On the other hand, non-choice is often structured as well.

Now that as an intelligent human being, you can assess – Who you are. Accordingly, you want more freedom. With your intellect, you have resolved this issue. Now you are aware, as you are in a place where you wanted to be. Hence, you adore this life and all its components. You are in a peaceful state.   And the point is not even that you know what you want, but that you know WHAT IS WORTH ACHIEVING. Consider yourself to be FREE. Your mind has achieved freedom which you have been aspiring for!

Whatever you think about freedom in your head, in your expressions, and in your activities, it will always remain a mystery. The fact remains that all ideologies, philosophies, and ways of life are created to imprison and enslave you.

“So how to get free?”

Slavoj Žižek, one of the most renowned philosophers, will answer. I respect him because he is free – Strange, funny, but free. He did not learn to speak beautifully; he does not wear a suit like Jordan Peterson. He doesn’t propagate that you throw out your suit, you wear it sometimes too, but not like Jordan Peterson, who is too uptight. And while Peterson is putting on a tie again (You are freer than him because you put on a tie only for fun), Slavoj Žižek says, “To be free, you must always act differently than what is suggested.”  This is a better and healthier way to accomplish freedom!

This means that all ideologies, including your own and those of Žižek, Peterson, Kant, and others, should be embraced. In this way, you would be using collective intelligence. Because strong is not the one who refuses the system but the one who understands it and pulls it by its positive strings. And here is the freedom. Playing with structures without self-importance.

Much soever we struggle to find individual freedom, it is achievable after a lot of struggles but it is worth every moment.  It gives you the privilege to express your thoughts and speak your mind. Freedom allows you to take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, and improve your skills. Freedom leads to increased productivity, creativity, and high quality of life.

Why it is important to be free subject to some boundaries?

We are free to think and speak our minds, to choose our path in life, and to associate with anyone we want. This allows us to be individuals and create our own unique life. That is why freedom is such a basic human right – without it, we could not truly be ourselves. And that would be a pretty bleak world indeed.

It should not be the case that you find yourself to be free to do anything without caring for others. You should appreciate the true value of freedom in life. The true value of freedom is not about what you can do but about who you are. When free, you do not feel obliged to do anything. You can follow personal interests and passions without being answerable to anyone.

This way you can lead a happy life and would be able to spread happiness around you!