one of the most fundamental illusions of humanity is that everybody thinks that he knows what love is: hence nobody discovers it. Everybody assumes that they know what love is, hence there is no need to experience it. And because of this, love is missing from the world. There are lovers and no love. Parents pretend they love their children, children pretend they love their parents, husbands pretend, wives pretend — pretensions and pretensions. And it is not that they are doing it knowingly, they may be completely unaware of the fact.

If everybody was told from the very beginning, “Love is the greatest art in life because it is the greatest magic, the most miraculous phenomenon. You cannot take it for granted, you have to explore it, you have to go deeply into it. You have to learn its ways: it is an art”…

People learn painting for years; then too, only one in thousands of painters becomes a Picasso. People learn music for years and only once in a while is there a Yehudi Menuhin or Ravi Shankar. If people start exploring love, then there will be a few great lovers. Their very presence will enhance the whole existence and everybody will become at least a little bit loving. My observation is that painting is a talent, so not everyone can be a great painter. Music is a talent, inborn, so not everyone can be a great musician. The majority of painters are bound to remain only technicians, not real creators. The same is the case with music and poetry and literature and all dimensions of creativity. Most are bound to remain only technical; they know the technique but they have no creative vision.

About love, things can be different because love is not a talent but everybody’s potential; hence ultimately it is possible that the whole of humanity can come to the height of love. In fact, only on that day will the real humanity be born.