In Rabindranath’s house there is a very old book on each child’s birthday the elders would write remarks about him in it. Rabindranath had ten or eleven brothers and sisters, it was a big family and in the book there were good remarks about every child except Rabindranath. Even his mother had written, “We do not have any hope for Rabindra in the future. We don’t know how this boy was born into our home. All the rest of the children are getting first at school and one has even got a gold medal, but we do not expect this boy even to pass” . They tried to force things on him, ” You should become like this and become like that ….. ” but he did not. And we are very grateful to him that he did not listen to his parents and become what they wanted him to be . If he had, then the world would have been deprived of a very good man. But many people have, and so the world has been deprived of many good people. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
We are forcing everything on them but it is blissful to be Rabindranath. There is no need to become like someone else. And this is true not only about Rabindranath; it is enough for even the most ordinary person just to be himself. He can live in his own fragrance and follow his life and path. He will have his own song, his own steps and his own dance. It does not matter if he is not mentioned on a big stage, and it does not matter if he is not talked about in the capital, and it does not matter if his name does not appear on the front page of the newspapers. It does not matter because life is not related to the newspapers. Instead, the truth is that only the people that are not enjoying their life, who have remained deprived of life, strive to appear in the news. And the nation’s capital is not related with life in any way. Only a mind who has not reached the capital of life searches to be known in the capital. In fact, what relation does the praise of others have with life?
Life is related to my becoming blissful. Life is in living, not in someone’s praises of me, not in someone respecting or honouring me. But we are preparing each and every child by telling him, ” Live a respectable life. Keep your attention on what others say about you. Never do anything that other’s call wrong and always do only that which other call right. ”  We are preventing this child from living life; making it so that he will always life;  He should first look in other people”s eyes and see what they are saying about him.
Life has nothing to do what others are saying. Life related to what you are experiencing. But no mother and father tell their son that he should live life: that he should live life in his own capacity.