Nandita Kochar

Keep The Wires At Bay

Wires for laptops, earphones, cell phones, mouse, keyboard are very likely to adorn your work desk. We recommend hiding them or placing them as neatly as possible. Visual clutter is likely to increase your stress. If your desk does not have much space to hide them, use wire binders to group them together and place them more neatly. You can also label each wire, to know which one goes where! 

Have The Needed Items Closer

Searching for items wastes a great deal of time. So make sure to keep frequently needed things in a reaching distance. This may include your phone, stationery supplies, books, etc. Anything you don’t need often, put it in your lower drawers. 

Place Plants

Looking at greenery or watching a living thing grow and thrive in front of your eyes can have a calming effect on your state of mind. And who would mind that extra oxygen!

Go Paperless

The lesser the paper, the better! Use Evernote, Google Keep & Calendar for all those reminders and To-Do lists! And for documents, use Google Drive or Dropbox.

Be Comfortable

Nothing hurts the body like a back pain or eye strain. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and a well-lit workspace. Ideally, your space should have a good amount of natural light but also enough artificial light to come in handy when it’s dark outside.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Who said that your desk had to be dull and boring? You can maximize your productivity by decorating your workspace with things that give you joy and motivate you! Consider hanging pictures and posters of things that inspire you. If you like the beach, then have some shells, a mini-palm tree or some sand in a glass jar at your desk. If direct references annoy you or mean nothing then you can always opt for something abstract, like a painting or a mini-sculpture. And photographs or polaroids of loved ones are always a delight to have!

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