Have you ever wondered whether there is a difference between non-attachment and complete detachment? You are not the only one. Many philosophers, spiritual leaders, artists have wondered the same. Yes, there is a difference. And in this article, we’ll be exploring the same!

Detachment means distancing oneself from the world due to a lack of interest. Detachment finds its home in aloofness. It’s a form of escapism, the kind that causes suffering in the end. 

Non-attachment is a practice of mindfulness and being wholly in the present. It’s also not letting your wellbeing rely upon anything other than yourself. To put it simply, in case of non-attachment you are of the world but you do not belong to the world. 

Unlike in the case of detachment where one suffers from disinterest, non-attachment does not affect one’s ability to love and to appreciate things that belong to this world. You do know how to enjoy life from a safe and healthy distance. 

If you allow your wellbeing to be swayed by everything that you come across – thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions, events, sensations – then your life will be nothing but a roll coaster with lots of ups and downs.You’ll find yourself in a constant state of confusion and being overwhelmed, in a state of chaos.

You’d be swinging every second like a pendulum, between happiness and sadness. 

Whenever you allow yourself to be attached to something, your sense of happiness becomes relative and impermanent. If you have what you are attached to then you’ll be doing good but if you don’t, then we all know what will happen. 

So in order to get rid of the rollercoaster ride, one must learn how to be present in the moment, be unattached and yet offer true love, compassion, affection and acceptance. And all this while, you must have an unshakeable inner calm.

Non-attachment is all about freedom from things around you. It is understanding that the betterment of your consciousness cannot be affected by anything. It is only the presence of an ego which makes you believe otherwise. So let you go of the ego and you’ll automatically be off that roller coaster. Let go of the I and everything will come to a close, a closure. 

Think of non-attachment like a glove. It does not prevent the hand from cleaning the shelves or washing the car or taking out a hot cake from the oven. It lets the hand be. And once everything is finished, everything just slips off after a washing of the glove, without leaving any trace. And your hand is still as good as it used to be.

Wear the glove of non-attachment and you’ll just as well be able to love and care for others while making sure that your inner calm and peace remains intact. Wear the glove of non-detachment and you will be able to sit back, relax and watch as life passes by, in its utter beauty.