This 31 year old Bangaluru young man earns his living by climbing mountains. But this is not what is striking about Siddharth Rajan. What makes him different from the crowd is a vehicle that balances on just one wheel and a backpack containing a tent and some healthy snacks. Yes, this is the vehicle he rides and the backpack he carries when he is touring the world.
This idea came to him while he was studying in Singapore when in 2004 he spotted a couple of young boys playing hockey on unicycles. he got used to this sport in six month’s time.
Sid, along with his hockey friends, formed the Singapore National Team and played against vlog Hong Kong. He says,”My interest in endurance sports only increased with time and the thought of riding long distances on my unicycle seemed very attractive.”
Two years later, Sid came across a post on Facebook that was organizing a trip to Laos. It was a group of 17-odd unicyclists and together they cycled across the country. After this trip he became quite serious about it. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
In 2007, Sid embarked on a one-of-a-kind journey.
He unicylced all alone from Delhi to Lahore. “My parents were astonished but they supported me nevertheless. It took me about seven days to cover the entire stretch and I met some really nice people; I was content being on my own.”
After finishing another unicycling group trip to Vietnam, Sid moved to Australia for higher studies. There he finished a 5,700km Cosmo Australia trip; he followed the coast and covered Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, going further down.
After completing higher studies, Sid moved to Alaska where he works as a mountain guide. “I never carried a mobile phone and often my parents would be clueless about me. There were times when we weren’t in touch for two months at a stretch,” says Sid
His most memorable trip is the one where he unicyled through the oil fields of US, crossing paths with grizzly bears and bisons. “It was a muddy stretch with no town in sight. There were just a few trucks that appeared now and then to supply food to people working in the fields. I spotted a couple of bears which made me nervous but I spent two and a half months in their habitat and was lucky enough not to be attacked,” he says.
Back in Bengaluru on a long break, Sid is now contemplating unicycling and climbing mountains in India but as the next climbing season is nearer, he will return to Alaska. “Unicycling is not so popular in India and there is no access to high-end unicycles that are only meant for long expeditions. But it’d be nice to see other people try it here,” he says.