You see though your eyes. Remember, you see through your eyes. Eyes cannot see; you see through them. The seer is hidden behind, the eyes are just the opening, just the windows. But we go on thinking that we see by the eyes; we go on thinking we hear by the ears. No one has ever heard by the ears. You hear through the ears, not by the ears. The hearer is hidden behind. The ears are just receptive organs.
I touch you, I give you a loving touch, a hand clasp. The hand is not touching you, I am touching you through the hand. The hand is just instrumental, so there can be two types of touch – when I really touch you and when I just avoid touch. I can touch your hand and avoid touch. I may not be there in my hand, I may have withdrawn. Try this, and you will have a different, a distant feeling. A dead hand is there, not you. And if the other is sensitive, he will feel a dead hand. He will feel insulted. You are deceiving; You are just showing that you are touching, and you are not touching. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Women are very sensitive about it;  you cannot deceive them they have a greater sensitivity of touch, of body touch, so they know. The husband may be talking beautiful things. He may have brought flowers and he may be saying, ” I Love You” but his touch will show that he is not there. And women have an instinctive feeling when you are with them and when you are not with them.
It is difficulty to deceive them unless you are a master. Unless you are master of your own self, you cannot deceive them. But a master would not like to became a husband that is the difficulty.
What so ever you say will be false; you touch will show it. Children are very sensitive, you cannot deceive them. You may pat them, but they know that this is a dead pat. If your hand is not a flowing energy, a loving energy, they know. Then it is just as if a dead thing is being used. When you are present in your hand in your totality,  when you have moved, when your centre of being has come to the hand, when your soul is there, then the touch has a different quality.