Nations celebrate their Independence Day. And often we have seen word independence and freedom being used as synonyms. Independence and Freedom are two different things. Actually it is important to understand the difference of both the words for self and spiritual growth.
Independence has an element of dependence so we are politically and socially bind by issues. India fought for independence with Britishers and got it on 15th August 1947. So we were dependent on Britishers to give up their right to rule Indians. The word independence has aggression and revolutionary violence. It has to break away from dependence and so has an element of separation which is painful and difficult to heal. It also brings along ideological differences, anger and anguish. It has a huge element of conflict. But independence is great goal to achieve. So on path of independence you face all kinds of political and social alignments. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Freedom is a different quality. It is you nature, you are born free. The new born baby experiences the real freedom but it is only short lived. The moment he understands that he gets milk when he cries, his journey to become dependent starts. He is loosing his freedom every moment since then. To reclaim his freedom will be a big task for him in life. So freedom has nothing to do with other. You have to reclaim your freedom from your self, which is actually a projection of several people, ideologies and beliefs. Freedom has nothing political and social. It is to go beyond politics and society. You have to take a decision to live with your freedom than no matter how dependent you are on someone  you live free. There are several people and groups those who live freely in the most dominated world. Freedom is courage to live just the way existence wants you to be living.
Freedom is more of an inner phenomenon, while independence is more external.  Freedom is an individual choice, independence is a choice of a society or group. Freedom is an outcome of inner engineering, independence is out come of social engineering. Freedom is transformative it is to unlearn the learnt and know the unknown. Independence is a change,  just to change the known and learnt the learned. Independence does not guarantee happiness but freedom is Happiness. Independence is a goal to achieve, Freedom is to drop all goals, all longings.
So for independence we need leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther king.  And for Freedom we need a Buddha.