Everyone wants to live a happy life yet it seems sub consciously we try to avoid happiness at different levels.
In other words at some level we may simply believe that being happy and content in life is wrong and is not for us. This belief leads to emotional deprivation. This emotional deprivation can become a psychological attachment. this is a devastating pattern that culminates into self-sabotaging way of life.
There are ten signs that signify this condition.

  1. Happiness is so unfamiliar to some of us that we don’t trust it. when they begin to feel happy, they get anxious that something bad is just around the corner, then at some level they believe that happiness cannot last.
    Many people also believe that if they allow themselves to be happy, they are setting themselves up to get blindsided by something terrible. Therefore, it is not beneficial, according to this belief, to live in a state of happiness.
  2. Most people feel guilty when they do something wrong. Some people feel guilty when they enjoy themselves, as if they were doing something wrong. These are the people who grew up with people who did not allow them to be happy or express joy. so they learn that it is wrong to be joyful.
  3. Milillions of people allow others to take advantage or take them for granted. They will not speak up or put their foot down.Getting your needs met leads to fulfillment. Ignoring your needs is a sign that fulfillment is not something you are seeking.
  4. Focusing on the needs of others is noble. vlog Focusing solely on the needs of others at the expense of your own is a disservice to you and others. It typically leads to resentment and emotional martyrdom.
  5. Letting go and having fun in the here and now is an important way to experience fulfillment and reduce stress. It is a huge need! In fact, happiness is just an awareness away, in the here and now.
  6. A sure way to NOT be happy is to attract emotionally unavailable or narcissistic people. When we commit to these kinds of people, we set ourselves up for a lifetime of emotional deprivation.
  7. Expecting disappointment keeps happiness at a distance. The need to be physically and emotionally fulfilled is the juice of life!
  8. Not knowing what you want or refusing to take time figure it out is a way to avoid your purpose in life. Living with a sense of purpose is a huge need that brings meaning and fulfilment.
  9. The need for intimacy is fundamental to relationships and happiness. When you avoid close relationships or shy away from deeper connections with people, you miss out on this aspect of life.
  10. Happy people tend to relive happy memories up close and view upsetting memories as if from a distance, like a neutral observer. Unhappy, pessimistic people tend to relive unpleasant memories up close and view the good memories from a distance.

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