Excerpts from the meditation session conducted by Satya Vedant at Happy Ho
The very first step that we take towards happiness is deeply embedded in unhappiness.
The very basic question we should ask is why do we want to be happy?
We seek happiness because we are unhappy. So first we will have to understand our unhappiness to be able to take a step on the path to happiness.
We always and invariably blame others for our unhappiness. We always think that others are responsible for our happiness as well. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Why this dependence? Why do we believe so much in others?
We are so conditioned to look at others for everything that nobody looks at themselves. But the truth is that we have to acknowledge and recognize our own unhappiness. But none of us is ready to accept that there is something wrong with them in the first place.
But if you don’t know the reasons of your unhappiness how can you find happiness?
We always think if I go there, or if I do that; I will be happy. But these emotions are not that simple to acquire. We have to work on ourselves.
We blame others that they are wrong but how much correct do we ourselves are?
To look for our own faults we we need a lot of courage. A weak and timid person can not do this soul searching.
The whole meditation process is about that. How to grow within yourself. That holds the key to your happiness and not outside agents.
If I can ask myself the question about why am I unhappy and answer it honestly, then only I can be really happy at the end of the day.
But we are essentially always looking outwards. We don’t look inwards.
What are we made of? We are made of emotions. And these emotions are nothing but energy. When we interact with others these emotions play their part. If the other person says nice things we feel good but if they say bad things we become unhappy.
Now this is where we need to work on ourselves. We have to come to the place where our happiness does not depend on other’s words said to us.
For this process the meditation is required.
And through this process we can be self empowered to be happy rather than being empowered by others by their kind words. So they can not make us unhappy by their bad words as well.
This is the key to our happiness for which we and we alone are responsible.