What is beyond you? You yourself, that which is hidden within you – that is beyond you. Everything else is within your reach, everything else is easy. No matter how difficult it may appear to be, it is easy: everything else is insignificant. Only the wealth which lies hidden within you appears to be beyond you and you cannot seem to find a way to get there.
You cannot see the path leading to it. You cannot stretch your hands towards it, Because hands reach outward, nor can you open your eyes to it, because eyes open outward, now can you lend your ears to it, because ears listen outwards. All the senses reach outward, and you have to look it within. The mind goes outward and the search has to take place within. Only that wealth within is beyond you. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Your being is beyond you. This means that you are made up of to parts: one is your outgoing face – your senses, your body, your mind, your ego. The ego is the sum total of all of these: it reaches outwards. And beyond this ego lies your actual nature, your soul. So if you have to desire something than desire only that which is beyond you.
It is beyond you, because when you reach it you have lost yourself.
It is beyond you because in reaching it you will be dissolved. Try to understand this sutra.
Attaining anything in which you do not become dissolved is not going beyond yourself. Attaining anything for which you do not have to drop your ego is not going beyond yourself. Only that which you have to pay for with your ego is beyond you. And the day a man attains to his true self, the old self with which he started his journey drops away from him just like the old skin drops away from a snake. The day you attain to yourself you will be really surprised to discover that the “I” who started the search has disappeared.
Kabir has said, “Oh my friend, seeking and searching Kabir has been dissolved”. In the search Kabir has disappeared than the union has happened of the one who went on the search, nothing is left and than the union takes place!
Kabir has said a very beautiful thing, ” I went out in search to find it, while it was not, I was. And when it was found, I saw that the seeker has disappeared”.
And he has also said another strange thing, that when he disappeared, he found that God was beseeching him from all sides, calling out to him, “Kabir, Kabir! where art thou? ”
” When nothing was left of me , God himself started calling me, started looking for me and shouting, Kabir! Kabir! as long as I existed, as long as I was asserting my existence so strongly, I could not see him. And now that I have vanished he comes running after me calling, Kabir! Kabir!
What has vanished is being shown so much respect …….. but as long as it existed, nobody could have cared less!
The day you efface yourself completely, you will be recognised. Your splendour will be fully revealed the day you are not. Only after the seed has broken can the plant be born. When the river loses itself it becomes the ocean. That which is vast is hidden within you and it is beyond your worthless ego.