For existentialist Jean Paul Sartre, freedom was everything. An existential lover wants to be loved, not by someone who has simply gobbled up a love potion or is under some compulsion to love, but by someone who has freely chosen to love this particular person. 

For Sartre, love isn’t about blissful mutual respect between two lovers, resulting in enhancement of freedom of both partners. Far from it, for him, love is conflict. The loved person wants the other person’s love in order to transform himself but in doing so, he ends up converting himself into an object and not a subject. 

Also, he wants a free flow of love. The moment this flow stops, the lover feels threatened. This, however, is not real love according to Sartre; for him real love is where the lovers have the freedom to change their mind even if that means falling out of love. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

For Sartre, love is hazardous in two ways. It either surfaces as masochism or sadism. Masochism is when a lover tries to fit into the mold prepared by his partner and in the process, denies his own freedom. Sadism is when a lover treats the loved one as an object and ties her down. Either way, freedom is compromised. 

And love becomes a painful struggle!