Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Modern medical science talks of psychosomatic origin of most diseases, which means most of the diseases of our physical body are created in the mind. Fear and anger are indeed very difficult behavioral patterns as they are negative emotions. In order to overcome them, we have to basically work to transmute their negative energies into positive light.
How do we begin the journey to relieve ourselves of these troubling emotions? We first need to do a little heart searching to identify the areas where our fear and anger are being generated. Once the roots are identified the next course of action is to deeply resolve to transform these emotions. This requires that we become more aware and conscious about our routine behavioral patterns of life. We have to particularly work on this transformation when all is well and we are not fearful or angry. The goal is to release the reasons and cause of our fear and anger from our subconscious mind. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
A wonderful time to enter into our subconscious mind is when we retire to bed, and we’re ready to fall asleep. Since we already identified the reasons for our fear and anger, this is the time when we give suggestion to our subconscious mind that we no longer need these negative emotions and that we are prepared to release them into the light.
If our anger is directed at a particular person, then we release that person from deep in our heart of all our resentments. 

The whole idea is that as long as we hold any personal negative feelings about any person or any memory in your subconscious mind then the ghost of anger will haunt us wherever we go. As long as we carry seeds of fear in our subconscious mind we will fall into the trap and suffer with fear.
The whole purpose of spirituality – of meditation and mindfulness – is to allow the light of consciousness to penetrate into the layers of our subconscious mind and declutter the debris that has been lying there for centuries. If we work on the surface mind to get rid of our anger just because we don’t like to be angry it is of no value because its roots are deep seated.
Through meditation, mindful living, self-compassionate and a positive attitude to life we enter into our subconscious mind and clean the negativity at the very root itself. We say to ourselves. “I willingly release my old energy and emotions for I am glad that I have completed that karma and now I am free. All is well in my life at this present moment and in joy of my spirit I move forward to the future, which is all blissful, happy and healthy. Om Shanti!!”
This practice of releasing the old and ushering in the new waves of higher light would be a great joy to practice, as when we truly try to release the energy blocks, the very effort would be richly rewarded. It would not be long before we would start to feel a shift, a shift from our inner restlessness to a calmer mind. As we come to that state of calmer mind, we will be less angry and fearful and worries and tensions will not sting us as before. Even if it does, we will have great resilience to persevere through life and be anchored to our Higher Self, peaceful in both our inner and outer life. This is the science of mind. It is how we train our brain and how confident we are that we will rise above the negative emotions and sail through all turbulence into the calm waters of peace and happiness.