I ask this question to myself from where do I get all the negative emotions, As a human being I have never asked for them but still they exist in me.

But from where and how ?
Fear breeds greed, hate, jealousy and anger. Then what is the fear? The fear is always of the unknown. So all the negative emotions exist on the periphery because the moment unknown is known, these emotions evaporate. And what is left is only pure Love in the center of our being. In any given situation we are in conflict because of the fear.
Fear of loosing wealth, Job, prestige and relationship is what makes us greedy, jealous and angry. Interestingly the fear arise out of constant comparison. This comparison can arise in individuals, organizations and nations. So obviously people will fight and quarrel, win and loose wars, kill the innocents and bruise the emotions of people surrounding them.
The best is to move away from the periphery and enter the center of your being where pure love exists. The journey to the center is easy. It needs only a few moments of silence and witnessing.
Sitting with closed eyes and witnessing your thoughts, by letting them come and go, gradually they start slowing and creating passage for you to enter your loving being. A beautiful awareness arises and you let go of all your anger, jealousy, hate and greed.
Easier said than done. But in no way it is difficult. You are encouraged by the arising happiness within you, It reflects on everything we do. The working and living both will see a qualitative difference, improved communication skills and of course your aura purifies the home and work place.
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