Nandita Kochar

  1. Take some time out:

Feeling overwhelmed, scared or exhausted? Take a step back and perform some positive actions like having a cup of tea or meditating or going for a walk or listening to music. 


  1. Visualize the worst:

What’s the worst that can happen? They might laugh at you or make fun of you for a day or two or you won’t score as much as you’d want to. Help yourself visualise it to the extent where you can feel it happening. This will help you desensitize yourself and maybe imagine how people will move on after a day or two and you should too. 


  1. Expose yourself to the fear:

Afraid of heights? Start by standing in the balcony for just two minutes a day. Eventually raise the benchmark to five. The more you expose yourself to what you fear, the less scary it becomes.


  1. Visualize the best:

Imagine yourself overcoming your fear – the joy, the relief, the pride, the happiness! Live it to the fullest. This will help you gauge the direction in which you should be headed. It’ll give you a goal.


And remember, sometimes it is through the darkest skies that the brightest stars reveal themselves!


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