When God is dead, religion as an organised body is dead – and man is free to himself. For the first time he is free to explore his innermost being with no hindrances. He is free to dive into the depths of his being, rise to the heights of his consciousness. There is nobody to hinder him, his freedom is total. But this freedom is possible only if we can save something that is called  the quality of religiousness, so that a quality of religiousness is alive and is perfectly harmonious with human freedom; it enhances human growth. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
By ” religiousness” it is meant that the human being, as he is is not enough. We can be more, We can be enormously more. What ever the human being is, is only a seed. We do not know what potential we are carrying within ourselves.
Religiousness simply means a challenge to grow, a challenge for the seed to come to its ultimate peak of expression to burst forth in thousands of flowers and release the fragrance that was hidden in it. The fragrance I call religiousness. It has nothing to do with your so-called religions, it has nothing do with God, it has nothing to do with priesthood: it has something to do with you and your possibilities of growth.
So we use the word ” religiousness” just to remind you that God can die, religions can disappear but religiousness is something interwoven into existence itself.  It is the beauty of the sunrise, it is the beauty of a bird on the wing. It is the beauty of an opening Lotus. It is all that is truthful, all that is  sincere and authentic, all that is loving and compassionate.  It includes everything that pulls you upwards, that does not make you stop at where you are but always keeps reminding you that you have yet far to go. Every place that you stop for a rest is only a rest for the night, in the morning we go again on the pilgrimage, It is an eternal pilgrimage, and you are alone – and you are totally free.