Swami Chaitanya Keerti
We in India are full of love towards our children, so much so that we become very protective towards them and kill their potential to grow
with full freedom. Our love is very strange, sometime very suffocating that the children find it difficult to evolve according to their true
potential. We stuff their innocent minds with old and out of date stuff, conditioning them to become our carbon copies: What we know,
they must know also. And what we know did not make us happy human beings, how it could make the new born guests in our world happy. We
continue to live in misery and the children inherit the same misery, becoming slaves to the traditional social system. We don’t allow the
children to explore themselves what suits them and what makes them really happy. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Recently I came across a wonderful research done by NASA, which is the world’s foremost Space program. NASA showed interest in the creative potential of the children and contacted Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman “to develop a highly specialised test that would give them the
means to effectively measure the creative potential of their rocket scientists and engineers.”
Land and Jarman explored “the concept of creativity in great detail whilst devising this test — they decided they wanted to explore and
try understand the true source of creativity better. The test quite was simple, it could actually be applied to any age group. So they
found 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5, and decided to measure their progress.” What they found shocked them.
Their research done on 1,600 kids that took the test. They were pleased to know that “98% of them scored at genius level! This was
really amazing for them. the team decided to turn this test into a longitudinal study, and give the same group of
children the same test again in 5 years time. Once again their findings were quite shocking, but this time for conversely different
reasons. Because these same children, by now in grade school, had rapidly declined to just 30%; a 68% reduction! The same study was
conducted again 5 years later on the same group of kids — by now in high school — and  they had dropped all the way down to just 12%!”
This was really depressive, so Mr. Land decided to conduct this same test on adults aged 25 and up (with an average age of 31). After
numerous studies, what he invariably found, was that less than 2% of all adults scored at genius level.
In an atmosphere, created by the older generation, and in the prevalent school system, the children start becoming more and more
dumb. This is the sorry state of affairs in USA and the Western countries. We in India have been suffering the  worst, the most
under-developed school system.
Osho has been hitting on our education system for decades, since the time he talked on Revolution in Education: Your education teaches you
to imitate, your religions teach you to imitate. Nobody says to you: Just be yourself — that’s where your paradise lies.” They go on
saying to you, “Follow this, imitate that.” They give you ideals: Become a Gautam Buddha, or a Jesus Christ.” But never, even by
mistake, do they say to you, “Just be yourself; relax and enjoy your being, and bring your potential to its maximum unfoldment.”
The mystic finds “our education is immensely destructive. In the name of education, it is mis-education. It needs to be completely changed
and transformed. Things like ambition, success, comparison, have to be completely taken out of the human mind — and it is possible. Rather
than teaching these ugly things, education should give people better ways of life, how to live more totally and more intensely; better ways
of loving, better ways of beautifying existence — without any comparison with others — just for your sheer contentment.”
The true education should function a bridge between the potentiality and the actuality. Education is to help the children to become that
which they are only in a seed form. We should not think of making our children merely clerks, stationmasters, postmen, and police
commissioners. The children should not be taught only how to have livelihood, but life itself, and the ways to become loving human