Nandita Kochar
This story (as told by OSHO) is about a man who worshipped God with all his heart and prayed to Him for at least ten hours a day. He died miserable and broke. His wife had left him, his partner had cheated on him, his kids ran away from the home and the home had burnt down. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
On the other hand, his brother who was an atheist had his health, lots of wealth, a loving wife, beautiful children and in short, a great life! 
When the pious man finally came face-to-face with God, he asked him, “Lord, I am not complaining to you. You know I would never do that. When you took away my wife, I tried to see some good in the act. When my children left me, I knew there must be a reason behind it. And when my house burned down, I knew that this must have been your wish. But then why is it that a man like me who worshipped you is suffering so much whereas my atheist brother is living a great life?” 
“Because,” said the Lord in disgust, “you are such a NUDGE!”
This man must have tortured God — ten hours every day. Just think of poor God!
Buddha relieved man of God, and Buddha relieved God of man.