Those who are knowledgeable will have to put their knowledge aside if they really want to become wise. It is not ignorance that hinders wisdom, it is knowledge; hence knowledge is real ignorance. The first thing you have to learn as a sannyas in is that all you know is not real knowing; it is not your knowing, hence it is not real knowing. Put it aside – it is all garbage – so that you can know.

You are looking through others’ eyes – how can you see? You cannot see through my eyes; that is impossible. You have your own eyes to see. And it is true not only for the outer eyes, it is also true for the inner eyes. You cannot live in a borrowed way – and that’s what people are doing. That’s why their life is just an imitation, a carbon copy. It has no beauty, no joy. You can’t see any dance in it, any celebration in it. Only the original dances, sings, because only when you are original do you rejoice.