Everything being is unique. God never creates carbon copies, he always creates originals. He believes only in the original. Is truly a creator, he never repeats. But goes on living in imitation. We are trying to be somebody else, which is impossible. Whatsoever you do, you are going to fail. You can only be yourself: there is no other possibility. But we are all trying to be somebody else. That is the whole story of our failure, the tragedy of life.

My work consists of helping you to respect yourself, to love yourself, to accept yourself and to be yourself — because to be yourself is the only possibility. You cannot be otherwise. And there is no need to be otherwise: God has created you unique. I am not giving you a certain character or a certain style of living, but only an insight, an awareness, so that you can decide your lifestyle, so that you can live in your own light. And the moment you start living in your own light, bliss is yours.