A man without love is dull. A man without love is not really alive, he is as yet unborn. Physically he is out of his mother’s womb, but psychologically he still lives in an encapsulated Way, closed to the wind, to the rain, to the sun, to all that is. He remains in fear. These two words, fear and love, are very important because they are the only two styles of living: either you live out of fear or you live out of love. The energy that becomes fear is the same that becomes love. It depends on you, in what direction you help the energy to move.

If you remain closed, the energy starts moving within yourself. It loses contact with the whole. And whenever you lose contact with the whole, you create misery, your flow stops; you start dying, you become uprooted. You are no longer a river, you become a small muddy pond. Soon you will stink.

Fear can bring only death; it has no life-giving sources to it. But if you are open – all the doors, all the windows open – the same energy becomes love. The same energy, when it starts moving, flowing… The same water of the muddy pond becomes pure when it moves as a river. The very movement of the river is toward the ocean. The very direction is purifying because one is moving toward the bigger, the higher, the infinite. Live life as love, never live life as fear. And if you live life as love, you will come to know eternal life and the fragrance of a Buddha, of a Jesus, of a Mohammed and all the poetry that follows such a loving heart, all the grace, all the benediction. Not only is such a person blissful, he becomes a blessing to the whole existence.