Gurupurnima is the day to express our gratitude for our Guru. I fell in love with Osho around 1997. It all started by listening to his discourses and watching his videos. He always speaking to me in that moment. My meditation practice started growing by going to several mediation camps. And one day that ultimate happened when I started desiring for some one to be my Guru. One day when I was attending a Kirtan, tears rolled and rolled and rolled. I was in a pool of energy full with gratitude. I felt that the moment has come to dissolve into my Guru.  I then listened a discourse where Osho said the moment you allow me to come inside yourself Sanyaas happens. I waited for the day when I could take the plunge.  That was a beautiful night and I clearly remembers when Swami Vairagya Amrit initiated me in Sanyaas. I was transported in a different world and I danced and danced that night.
Gurupurnima is the day to express gratitude for your Guru. Osho says guru is made of “Gu” and “Ru”. Where Gu stands for darkness and Ru stands who dispels the darkness. So Guru is the Light who takes away all your darkness. No language can translate this word it is so intrinsically eastern. Osho says that “Guru choose his disciple”. The calling is from Guru. So all those who got the calling from their Guru are fortunate ones. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Osho I am blessed for your calling and finally bestowed me the courage to take the plunge. I was born as Swami Dhyan Upgeya on 14th April 2000. Life is changing ever since. You held my hand. It is not that I did not try to take my hands away from you in my dark moments, but you held me gently and guided me on my journey like a little child.  I also threw my tantrums. sometimes I I expressed my some very insane desires and my beloved you fulfilled all of them. Love you. Love you Bhagwan.
Osho Says, “Guru is like a full moon and disciple is like Ashadh ( The month monsoon full of clouds and rains). The moon of Sharad Purnima is beautiful because it is in the empty sky. There is no disciple then, the Guru is alone. If the same beauty happens in Ashadh, then it is something where the guru is surrounded by clouds like disciples. The disciples have come with their darkness of many lives. They are like dark clouds they are the weather of Ashadh. If the Guru can shine like the full moon in that atmosphere of darkness only then he is the guru. That’s why Ashadh Purnima is Guru Purnima. It has an indication towards the guru and an indication towards the disciple. And naturally where these two meet there is meaningfulness. ”
You say you never leave your disciples and you know that well, I keep testing it if you are there or not. Let me tell you Bhagwan you are and always
My deepest gratitude.