Love contains my whole message. Love yourself – that is the beginning, then love those who are close to you, then love the world, then love the whole cosmos; only then will you be able to love God.

To journey begins from one’s self and ends in God. These are the two banks of the river. You are on one bank, God is on the other, and love is the bridge. The bridge passes over the whole of the river, but people are very afraid of love; that’s why they go on praying. They never understand what they are doing; their prayer is just ignorance. Unless it is full of love, it can’t be true. Their lives miss love, but they continue going to the churches and the temples. That is absolutely absurd.

Unless you live in love you can’t enter any temple of God; and one who lives in love need not enter a temple, he is already in it. Remember this simple message, and try to live it  because this is not a doctrine to be believed in, but a life to be evolved. Bloom in love, release the fragrance of love – that is prayer. And only the fragrance of love reaches God, nothing else.