If everybody accepted their ordinariness, would that solve most of the problems of inequality in the world?
In the past these were the only two alternatives: either everyone is equal – equality of all human beings- or people are unequal. The alternative is to understand  that people are unique, incomparable.They cannot be compared, so how can you say who is inferior and who is superior. Is the flower of the marigold inferior to the rose? how can you decide? they are unique in their individualities. The whole existence produces only unique people: it does not believe in carbon copies. So the question of equality or inequality does not arise. This understanding cuts the problem from the very routes. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
There is a greek story,: one crazy kind had a very beautiful house made only for guests, and he had made a golden bed. When the guest entered  the house he could not believe it – those guest were also kings – that he would be receiving such a warm welcome, so much respect and honour: “and people think that this man is crazy ! he is not. ” But soon they were to find that he was. His craziness was that the guest had to fit with the length of the bed. If he was longer, then he had to be made shorter- a little part of his legs would be chopped off. IF he was shorter – I think that crazy man was the inventor of traction – the king had big wresters who would pull the guest from both ends to make him fit the size of the bed. Whether he died or lived was not important; the size of the bed was important! mostly the men would die.
The idea of making a every body equal, cutting them to the same size – it economically, educationally , in other ways – is absurd, because inequality will show in other dimensions. People are not equally beautiful – then plastic surgery  has to make them equally beautiful. Their colour  is not the same – then some day they have to be injected with pigments to make their colour the same.
Everything is unique; you cannot find two persons equal; and communism, for instance, has the idea that the whole of humanity has to be equal. Intellectually you cannot make them equal. The genius of a musician and the genius of a mathematician are totally different worlds. IF you want them to be equal, then you will have to destroy the heights, the peaks of genius and reduce them to the lowest denominator. then communism will be the greatest masker that has happened to humanity in the whole of history.
I stand for man’s uniqueness. Yes every person should be given equal opportunity to be his or herself. In other words, every person should be given equal opportunity to be unequal, to be unique. The opportunities can be given but the mathematician should become a mathematician and the musician should become a musician.
Btu no society up to now has allowed the individual his freedom. You think that you are free. You are simply living in a illusion. Humanity will only be free the day there is no inferiority complex produced in children; otherwise, freedom is just hypocrisy. Others are trying to make you a puppet.