Everything is infinite because everything is divine. Everything is unbounded because everything participates in the nature of existence. Boundaries are created by our senses; they are not there at all. Everything is joined with everything else, but our senses create boundaries. It is as if you look out of a window and it gives a frame to the sky. The sky is unframed, but the frame of the window becomes the frame of the sky.

Your eyes are windows: whatsoever you see through the eyes becomes framed. Your ears are windows: whatsoever you hear through the ears is immediately framed. All our senses are continuously framing things which are basically without a frame.

To remember this will give you a tremendous insight. Then the dewdrop becomes the ocean, then the pebble on the seashore is as big as the whole universe, then the whole biography of the universe is in a small leaf. Then wherever you go, you encounter existence, both within and without. To live consciously in that infinity is the greatest joy possible. More than that cannot be conceived, more than that is not possible. That is the ultimate peak.