Mulla NasruddinMulla Nasruddin, a Sufi visionary, lived during the 13th century in the Middle East. Legend goes that Nasruddin Khodja lived in Anatolia, Turkey in the 13th Century. His estimated life span is 1209 CE to 1275/6 or 1285/6 CE).
Nasruddin was a wise, witty man with a great sense of humour. He is known by different names in different parts of the world: ‘Nasreddin Hoca’ in Turkey, ‘Koja Nasreddin’ in Kazakhstan; “Hoja Nasreddin” in Greece. In India he is known as Mulla Nasruddin.
A mystic jester, as he is called, he brought an element of humour to his amazing wisdom. With the passage of time, his character and stories broke the boundaries and spread to the other regions. His stories have been told almost everywhere in the world. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Each of these stories has Nasruddin in a different situation. He expresses a unique insightful viewpoint on each one of them. What makes these stories appealing is that they tickle the funny bone in addition to being thought provoking.
While a few references of his wit are found in the manuscripts from 12th century itself, it is from 16th century onwards that he has become a manifestation for many epigrams, jokes and anecdotes.
Though his stories and wit might be difficult to fathom at first vlog glance, spend a couple of minutes on it and you start enjoying it. Just like his grave that has an iron door with a huge padlock on it. But those who want to pay him a visit, just need to walk a little to the right or left – there are no walls around the grave!!
Starting from tomrrow, Happy Ho would bring to you nuggets of Mulla Nasruddin’s wisdom soaked in humour every week.