Often this question arises that, while we meditate, we watch our thoughts but glimpses of no-mind are far away. Meditation is a long pilgrimage. Witnessing is beginning of meditation and no mind is culmination of long pilgrimage.
Mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master. Witnessing helps you make mind your obedient servant. Witnessing helps you sow the seeds of meditation but flowering of the seeds is beyond your control it happens on its own. You have to be witness to the arising impatience, which eventually transforms into profound patience allowing the existence to play through you the music of no mind.
Thoughts have a unique pattern they come one after the other with a very fine moment of silence. Witnessing helps you catch those glimpses of silences and to stay there. Longer you stay, deeper is your meditation, the no mind. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Often we get swayed with the thoughts, the mind takes the control and becomes the dangerous master. In anger exactly this happens and we see ourselves loosing control. We ponder later why this happened, we uttered what we did not want we acted what we did not plan. So there was some one else there, not yourself. Who this was, is not you it is the mind with all its fear, anxiety and unconscious memories of past.
Witnessing brings you to the center of your being helps you connect to yourself with out judging right or wrong, good or bad. Just, pure witnessing let the thoughts come and go. You have enormous trust in your witnessing and so complete surrender to the existence. That is good enough why hanker for No-mind. To know the no-mind you need the mind. No mind is a state, which will happen to you without your knowing, you see its reflection in yourself. The new You.