With the imagination, you can create many things that are not real. Infact, you can only create things that are unreal. You may create wonderful illusions. You may create terrible hallucinations. they are your own creations and they are unreal.
Meditation does not create anything at all. Meditation reveals. What does it reveal? that which is real, that which is authentic, that which is true. Lies are created. Untruth is created. Reality can never be created – it is as it is. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
You see, meditation itself is Bhakti the word bhakti has become synonymous with workshop in its various forms. To some, it is making offerings to God. For others it may be singing devotional songs these are outward expressions of Love. But when such outward expressions are devoid of inner feeling, worship becomes mechanical. Then, it is only a ritual – all form and no essence. It is like an empty husk or a lifeless body. Yet when that inner feeling – that attitude of Bhakti – is indeed present, should any outward expression be necessary?
That is why meditation is a silent activity. It is worship, but an inner worship. In deep meditation, worship is no longer an act, but a state of being, and intrinsic quality of the heart. This is only possible the object of worship is internal.
Of course this does not mean that you worship yourself! that would only be vanity some would even call it blasphemy rather, it means that you come into an ever deepening contact with the divine presence inside your own heart.
The divine is everywhere but in that case it is also within you. So why look externally? When the divine is found within, we call it the self with a Capital S. We find it when we plunge into to the absolute depths of consciousness. There, you find that there is something upon which consciousness rests. You find that consciousness has a foundation. Then you go even deeper and find that foundation has its owns foundation, and that under this foundation is an infinite foundation. This infinite foundation is the self, the underlying reality of all things animate or otherwise. Yet, it has no existence of its own. It is beyond existence and non existence, you see. Nevertheless, it is the root of all existence. It is its support. And then there is something beyond that too. But by realising the foundation of universality in your own heart, you transcend all that is individual, all that is limited.