Paradise is not somewhere else. Paradise is not geographical. It is not above the clouds in the heavens; it is within you. And it is not in some other time, after death. It is in you right now. You are made of it, so there is no need to seek and search anywhere else.

All that is needed is to relax and be in oneself;  to dive into one’s being deeply, so deeply that the whole world disappears, as if it did not exist for the moment. So that your consciousness is all that exists. All of existence becomes nonexistential and just your life is all. The purity of it…. It is not contaminated by anything. Nothing is reflected in your mirror. Your consciousness is simple pure, without any ripples, without any waves. In that moment, one comes to know what paradise is.

We have not lost it somewhere else, we have not been driven out of paradise. It already exists inside us, it has always existed inside us, but we never look within ourselves. We go on looking outward, hence we go on missing our own treasures, our own kingdom of God.