We are all set to usher in 2016. The brands are all set to ride the new year on a high – there are happiness sales, heavy discounts and new brand promises. On a personal level, many have taken off on block leave – extended holidays and a hunt for rejuvenation. Search for cool happiness messages to be shared on Facebook and WhatsApp too has begun. And then of course there are New Year Eve parties.
Excitement would continue for a fortnight or so and then it would be back to routine life. 2016 would become yet another year with 12 months and 365 days. It, of course, can have a new dimension altogether if we decide to make 2016 the happiest year of our lives – till now, and then go for incremental happiness year after year.
As to how we can make 2016 the happiest year of our lives, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Think carefully before making your New Year resolutions. Don’t make resolutions that you already know you cannot keep or do not intend keeping. Once you have made a resolution, keep it at the most visible places like your laptop screen, mobile screen and so on for constant reminders.
  2. Hold yourself accountable for your resolutions. Stop blaming others and circumstances. It is not stress that gets you smoking again – but your own attitude and will power
  3. Set a few goals for yourself – in your food habits, lifestyle, relationships. But instead of setting up an annual goal, set yourself monthly goals – smaller ones, so that it becomes easier to attain them. You can compare it to losing 10 kgs in a year goal to losing 1 kg per month
  4.  Before setting up your goals and making resolutions ask yourself:
    a. What would make me happier?
    b. Whether my resolution is positive or negative? Positive resolutions work better!
    c. How would I hold myself accountable?
  5. Don’t overdo the ‘celebration bit’. Enjoy by all means but don’t exhaust yourself to the extent that you start New year in a groggy mood, completely drained out.
  6. Make positive practices a way of life – Meditate, do yoga, build healthy relationships, sleep peacefully and more
  7. Last, but most important – keep the faith – in yourself. If you think ‘I can’ you would.
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