Live spontaneously, moment to moment. This moment is all. The past has to be dropped, forgotten, because it is not more, and the future has not be worried about because it is not yet. Then all that is left is beautiful moment. Rejoice in this moment, life in this moment totally, and this moment becomes the door to existence. Jesus says to his disciples, ” Look at the lilies in the field  – they are far more beautiful than even emperor Solomon attired in all his precious clothes and ornaments, in all his grandeur. These poor lilies are far more beautiful than Solomon, for the simple reason that they don’t think of the tomorrow. They live in the moment, here now. That is their beauty.” Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
A woman is less worried about the future than a man and less burdened with the past than man. She is more realistic, pragmatic, more rooted and grounded in the earth, hence it is easier for her to be spontaneous. Spontaneity  and a life of spontaneity can become the whole path.
Existence knows only one thing that is now, and only one space that is here. Existence is always now, here, so once you withdraw yourself from the past and the future, only existence is left. There is no need to pray, there is no need to go into the scriptures, there is no need to dig into all of the stupid esoteric teachings, one can be very simple and one can find the truth without any fuss. The whole theology is unnecessary fuss, much ado about nothing.
This is the only positive approach to live in the Present, nothing else is needed.