If you love a person, you don’t bother to understand.
If you are happy, you don’t bother to understand what happiness is.

If the flower is beautiful, the flower is beautiful. You don’t bother to analyze why it is beautiful. The moment you dissect the flower, the beauty disappears.
The sunset is beautiful, but once you question why, it is no more beautiful. The question brings an awareness into it.

The question is good if you are suffering. Then ask why you are suffering, because then the question will help the suffering to disappear.
Try to understand suffering but never try to understand happiness, otherwise that will disappear. If you are ill then go to the doctor, take medicine.
For health, no physician is needed. If you are healthy, no medicine is needed. If you are ill, surgery is needed.

So whenever you feel some moments of happiness, aliveness, something tremendous happening around you, incomprehensible, unbelievable, beyond you, watch in deep awe.
That is the meaning of ‘respect’. It comes from a root ‘spectare’ — to see, to look at and relook at, ‘re-spectare’.
Respect is to look again and again… something so beautiful that one would like to look again and again with no mind to understand but just to be filled with it, just to be with it, flow with it.
Then much more will happen. But one becomes more and more capable.
The more you drop your mind and start living and enjoying and delighting in things, the more things will happen to you. You are creating a passage. You are inviting God.
Once you start trying to understand him you are becoming philosophic, and religiousness will be lost.
So watch it with awe, with great enthusiasm, with respect, but don’t try to understand it intellectually. It cannot be done.
When many people see that they cannot understand something they start denying it, because they think that if something cannot be understood it doesn’t exist.
Somehow this feeling has caught hold of the human mind deep down — that if you can understand something, only then is it there.
The scientist says, ‘God is not, because we cannot understand how God can be. Beauty, love, are not, because they are all incomprehensible.’
But if you deny God, beauty, love, then what is left?
The whole personality disappears from existence, the whole mystery. There will be only things then and life will be absolutely meaningless, horrible.
So keep a little shrine in the heart for the incomprehensible, for that which cannot be understood, for that which should not be understood.
A Darshan Diary

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