Why we fear death so much. I see frightened faces of relatives and friends when some one dear to them passes away. I also see the growing trend in people to keep the children away from a sad episode like this. Why?
Death is explainable but life is not. Death is certain but life is mystery. So why it frightens us? In a way Life is more frightening than death. It seems that Death is positioned wrongly over the ages; Death is ultimate relaxation, a relaxation into eternity. it is time to build a positive perspective about it because there is nothing negative about it. A dead body is just without life that is it.
We hear people say move on in Life. And when life moves on from body is death. We should realize that it is a new beginning and best is to expose children to this reality. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Who fears death is, one who has not lived taking enough risks in life? One who has not enjoyed the mysterious and unsecured journey called life? One who has not lived life celebrating?
What is celebration? ordinarily celebration is misunderstood by having a get together and a few drinks with friends or at times having a rock and roll fun time. It is good but that brings a temporary happiness.  A celebrated life is a journey to know the unknown. A celebrated life goes into the seeking; who am I? It is a living with awareness, which breeds immense happiness and bliss. Celebrated life is where you enjoy your own space at your pace, here and now with much love and compassion.
Therefore, Life is in living, some one who goes on answering what is life is nothing but fool. Just live and Die. Because, the art of dying is actually hidden in the art of living. Do not mourn the death, celebrate.
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