Do not turn away what is given you, nor reach away what is given to others, lest you disturb your quietness.

Don’t become knowledgeable. Even if you have come to know yourself, don‘t become knowledgeable. Even if you have encountered God, don’t become knowledgeable. Whatsoever you have known, forget all about it. Become again innocent. Remain always in the state of not-knowing, then much more will go on happening to you. What ordinarily happens when you move into meditation is that something happens, but you don’t feel grateful; on the contrary, you feel this is your due—in fact it should have happened long ago. You are such a worthy person, so virtuous, so holy, and you have done so much; why should you be grateful?

That is a wrong approach; that means you are stopping the process. In gratefulness much more will come to you. So even if a little glimpse comes to you, feel grateful. Just a ray of light and feel grateful, as if the whole sun has come to you. And the whole sun will be coming, following the ray. But if you are not grateful you become closed; even the ray will disappear and you will again be in your darkness, back in your darkness. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.