What if someone told you that your hands & feet were a remote control, using which you could operate parts of your entire body & cure illnesses? Well, that’s exactly what Su Jok Therapy is all about. Our hands and feet have active points corresponding to all organs of the body. Stimulation of these points produces a healing effect. 

In our everyday lives, we tend to incorporate certain unhealthy actions which tend to produce a bad effect on our health. Su Jok allows us to use the innate healing power of our bodies to provide ourselves with some immediate relief. And saves our run to the doctors for every little thing happening on our insides! Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Developed by Prof. Park Jae Woo of Korea in the last quarter of the 20th century, Su Jok (‘su’ meaning ‘hand’ and ‘jok’ meaning ‘foot’) is proving to be a boon in the hands of modern as well as traditional health practitioners world wide. Some of its benefits include:

1. It is easy and quick to learn.

2. The healing effect can be noticed in a short period of time.

3. The method is 100% natural.

4. It helps with various illnesses – headache, migraine, vertigo, hypertension, bronchitis, gastric problems and more.

Here are two examples. 

Find yourself PMSing? Firmly hold the tender point between the middle and ring finger of the hand, which represents the female urogenital organs, and press it gently until it’s no longer painful. Usually a minute or two is enough for the pain to subside.

Got a troublesome headache? Just press the tip of the thumb with a Su Jok Probe. You will be able to detect one or two points that are more painful than the rest. Now keeping the Probe on the pain point, just shake it clockwise and anticlockwise. You might find this painful but doing so for a minute will reduce the pain both at the point and in your head. 

The principle behind Su Jok is that there is a continuous flow of energy in all of us. This energy flows in a very systematic and uniformed manner. Su Jok’s aim is to balance the imbalanced energy in the body and restore harmony. 

The initial step of approaching Sujok healing is through understanding the patient’s nature of problem. If it is the case of pain syndrome, or convoyed by pain, it is very important to identify the exact location of the patient’s pain area. Along with that, it is essential for assessing the limitations of visual movements.

The next step is learning to understand the relationship between body and hand. Fundamentally the yin side of body is represented on the hand’s palm; and the yang side is signified on the dorsal side. This allows to correctly examine the corresponding points on the hand. The last and perhaps the most crucial step is to learn the diagnosis by finding the exact corresponding points and to then work on the treatment.

The key advantages of Sujok healing is its speedy and strong treatment effects that can be achieved without any additional pharmaceutical medical tool or drugs. Sujok therapists at Happy Ho hold a considerably wide ranging options for treatment of diseases including endocrine diseases, chronic and acute gastrointestinal diseases; neurological diseases; cardiovascular diseases; metabolic abnormalities; addiction problems and emotional disturbances.

Find yourself fascinated by the magic of Su Jok Therapy? Want to find out how to correctly treat your ailments at home? Then book a session with our Master Healer at Happy Ho, Dr. Nonah Khanna, right away!