As an HR exec or senior leader, you may have believed a world-class culture like Google’s or JetBlue’s or Intuit’s is beyond your company’s grasp. Great culture and happy employees are often equated with innovation and risk-taking and gobs of money to spend. And of course, not every company is a glamorous consumer brand or selling a feel-good product.
Luckily, happy employees are never entirely beyond any company’s grasp. It’s as simple as discovering what workers will respond to and doing it. Sometimes this may be a policy, sometimes a perk, or sometimes it is just simple common sense. Some methods will be unique to your company, your industry and your employees. Others are universal. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
‘How to Build A killer culture in your company’, a whitepaper published by Globoforce has some interesting findings and inferences:
Five great ways to build alignment:

  1. Pay closer attention to job-person fit
  2. Fire people who don’t fit your culture
  3. Help employees find greater meaning in your values
  4. Cultivate more flexibility and trust into your policies
  5. Show workers how your company fits into bigger picture

Five great ways to build positivity:

  1. Broadcast personal and team successes
  2. Offer fast & positive feedback
  3. Open up multidirectional communication lines
  4. Offer resources and emotional support
  5. Encourage employees to express gratitude

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